The New Sauraha Day Care Sanstha

The “New Sauraha Day Care Sanstha" was founded in 2012 and was legally registered with the Nepalese Government in 2015. It is a private, non-governmental organisation (Reg. Number 97).

The NSDCS is a day care centre for Tharu children whose parents are unable to care for them. Most Tharu live in poverty and farm the land that was provided to them by the government of Nepal. The majority of the Tharu work in the fields and the most of them are unable to look after their children during the day. The children remain in small simple houses. They are built of straw and mud and are often destroyed or damaged by wild animals, and/or flooding. During the day, the children stay by themselves, regardless of age, either on the roadside or in the jungle of Chitwan.

A non-governmental organisation:

Binu Magar worked in The Day Care Centre for more than ten years. She got the inspiration from this experience to establish her own "New Sauraha Day Care Sanstha" in 2012. It was legally registered with the Nepalese Government in 2015. It is a non-governmental organisation (Reg. Number 97)

The aim is:

The aim is to bring all-round development to children who are living in poor, rural communities by providing them with food, clothing, education etc. The New Sauraha Day Care Sanstha is an organisation with a mission to help poor families, in which people can easily participate to help our children. Please join us and help them to develop and progress in the future with success.

Our Focus Group:

As NSDCS is an organisation established in the Tharu communities and Tharu people are living their life on the poverty line, it’s main focus is on those children whose parents are unable to look after their own children by providing them with education, food, clothing etc. Another focus of the group is Primary level school children.

Goals of NSDCS:

Through enormous effort, NSDCS has achieved its vital goals.

To take care of children during the day so that their parents can go to work and to ensure that the children can also benefit from the education provided by our organisation..

Provide formal dress and education for needy children.

Provide school uniforms and school supplies for each child.

Provide the children with toys to give them the chance to be children.

Create a family-like, loving environment for our children.